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songs of a coal miner’s son 15

January 30, 2014

songs of a coal miner’s son 15

With Gene Christy & Rod MacDow

episode fifteen . . .

Good morning! What a gorgeous day to be alive in the Berkshires, USA!—strong, glittering sunshine, pristine cold of January, beds of white snow lying on the rushes of the river across from my house—where the ducks motorboat around, impervious to the frozen temperatures–I can watch them amuse themselves through my dining room windows!

IMG_9120   the west branch of the Housatonic River

What a morning to invite Jessica Roemischer to visit with us!


It’s hard to describe in words, the magic Jessica causes, with just two hands, to pour forth from a piano keyboard as she extemporizes, but, as she plays most Saturday afternoons at the Chocolate Springs Café, here in Lenox, we are privileged to have her “in our midst,” so to speak—and I recommend heartily to you that next time you’re up our way, don’t fail to treat yourself to chocolates, latte and Jessica, and make your weekend complete!

Here’s what one listener had to say:

“Jessica Roemischer’s solo piano performance is a musical meditation, an exploration of melody through the prism of blues, jazz, classical, and more. She wonderfully integrates these styles into a tapestry of sound textures that evoke peace, because they come from love.”
Greg Thomas, Music Writer and Author, New York Daily News

So, today, I’m proud to present, right here on our blog, “Songs of a Coal Miner’s Son,” Jessica Roemischer.


I would really like to describe the range that Jessica displays in her playing, where she roams from classical to pop, from Broadway show music to down-home rock’n’roll, from folksong to new-age meditation—

But let’s take this opportunity to sit down and enjoy a little chat with Jessica herself!

Recorded Live at Chocolate Springs Cafe, Rte 7, Lenox, MA, on Saturday, 10 January__2014 on TEAC VR-20 digital recorder


And next, for your listening pleasure, let’s dip into the amazing rendition Jessica gives to Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.”


Just for comparisons-sake, you can hear Dylan himself performing “Like a Rolling Stone,” on stage in Liverpool, back in 1966! –just by clinking on this YouTube link:   DYLAN, Live in Liverpool, 1966

While we’re on the subject of our FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK, I would also like to let you know all about Jessica’s own website—and encourage you to visit her there—where there is so much more on offer—an entire lineup of videos and audios and even cd’s which you can buy to add to your own collection:             This Link will take you to  Jessica

Here’s what one individual, who happens to be our Governor, here in Massachusetts, had to say about Ms. Roemischer:

“In her work, Jessica Roemischer makes so much possible
and it is clearly giving her so much in return.”
Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick


Any Bruce fans out there? I think so. Jessica has something for the Springsteen legions, right here, right now:

JESSICA ROEMISCHER  playing BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S  “Incident on 57th Street”

You can also hear Mr Springsteen performing this song in Barcelona by clinking on this YouTube link:   

Don’t forget, folks, as we tour the Berkshires, USA, this year, in 2014, we’ll be hunting up the best of our local artists on the musical bandwagons of the County, north and south, and so, in the coming weeks we’ll be featuring Anthony Luchi, Mary Verdi, Patrick Gray, Rakish Paddy, Bobby Sweet, Jack Waldheim, the Malibu Brothers, Norm Schaffer, Erin and Duffy, and hopefully many more—

along with our regular Dossers and Gene Christy contributions . . .

One last happy message from Jessica, who would like to thank her friends and supporters, because – – this news just in!—

1,000 copies of “Light Born of Light” were just delivered to my doorstep. I put one on the CD player and it sounds BEAUTIFUL. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making this album possible!!!!!! Each of you will be receiving the deluxe digital download of the album. And those who opted for a Light CD reward will be receiving a physical CD, too.
Thanks to your help, I am able to bring this music to the world. You are in my heart and a part of the beauty and inspiration music brings to so many.
With love always,
P.S. The albums are available on my website and will soon be up on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon. Please share with anyone you know who will enjoy what you’ve helped me create. Thank you again!!


We will have plenty of new, original Gene Christy tunes, recorded here at Christy Studios, some from last year and yet-to-be-recorded, some yet-to-be-written, on the road to 99 good tunes—

As you can see–

The Berkshires is not only home to James Taylor and Arlo Guthrie!

So stay tuned, every Thursday, same time, same station, for “Songs of a Coal Miner’s Son.”

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Meanwhile, visit our friends:

Bobby Sweet at
Rakish Paddy at
Eddie Dillon at

And Jessica Roemischer at

Fair thee well, Titanic!

Titanic_with stormclouds_by_amadscientist

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