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songs of a coal miner’s son 6

August 9, 2013

songs of a coal miner’s son 6

With Gene Christy & Rod MacDow

Have a listen!

Déjà vu
at the Berkshire Mall, Lanesboro, MA
recorded on a TEAC VR-20 digital recorder!
Friday evening, Aug 2nd__2013

episode six . . .

Had the marvelous opportunity last week of making the acquaintance of one of the Berkshires’ favorite rock bands, Déjà vu.


Déjà vu is a trio comprised of Puggy Demary on bass and lead vocals, David Grover on lead guitar and vocals, and Mike Sacco on drums and vocals—and they are nothing less than outstanding. The night I saw them John Zarvis was sitting in for David Grover. These guys have a well-deserved following in Berkshire County.


Coming here eight years ago, from Boston—I’m still a newcomer. But I hope to have Mike Sacco on a recorded interview one day soon on this blog to fill us in on the last 30 or 40 years of pop music, clubs, shows and dances. From what I’ve heard, there was a lot going on that I have missed! Isn’t that always the way, gang? Seems like life is what happens while we’re making other plans!


Last Friday night, the boys were doing a benefit for a deserving non-profit outfit called The Berkshire Carousel—and I was amazed to be there, taking pictures, because those hand-carved, hand-painted carousel horses, produced by the volunteer members, as a contribution to the children, and the cultural life, of the Berkshires, are something to behold! Take a look at these pictures__



And visit their website, by clicking on the link below:

MARIA, the DIRECTOR Maria, the Director

It’s truly awe-inspiring what the American people can do when they put their mind to it! I hope to have Maria Caccaviello, the Director of the Berkshire Carousel organization, also interviewed on this website soon, to tell us more about the valuable work they are doing, and how we can all help, so stay tuned. In the meantime, cruise on over to their website, and watch their amazing video, “Impossible!”

Meanwhile, here’s Déjà vu again!

Déjà vu
at the Berkshire Mall, Lanesboro, MA
recorded on a TEAC VR-20 digital recorder!
Friday evening, Aug 2nd__2013

To continue with the overall theme of history-in-the-making of this blog, Songs of a Coal Miner’s Son, where we swing back and forth from now to then and sashay round to full circle in the end . . .

RAKISH PADDY Perry and Eileen

Let’s take a step back to just a couple of weeks ago, with Rakish Paddy playing The Shamrock in Dalton__Perry Daniels on lead vocal, with Eileen Markland on fiddle, and myself, Gene Christy, on the big red Roland all-digital accordion backing them up, on a tune called “The Ferryman”__with a couple of additional reels on fiddle tagged onto the end by Eileen! Listen up!


at The Shamrock, Rte 9, Dalton, MA
recorded on a TEAC VR-20 digital recorder!

1016689_10201644468738217_943983_n Eileen!

. . . and now let’s skip back a few years, to 1988, down on Cape Cod – – and this time you’re listening to a band called The Ramblin’ Rovers, with Billy Mac on lead vocals and 6-string, myself, aka as “Christy on the Box,” and Tom Neville, on vocals and electric guitar, doing a well-known Irish tune called “The Wild Rover”__aka “No, Nay, Never!”

Have a listen!

Irish Traditional performed here by The Ramblin’ Rovers
recorded live on analog tape 1988 on Cape Cod
transferred to digital by Mike Regan in 2005
enhanced into stereo by myself using Audacity 24 jul 2013

and the rest, as Billy Mac says, is history!

Now let’s take the same ingredients, scramble ‘em up, put ‘em back together, two weeks ago, in 2013! in Dalton, at The Shamrock – – and this time you’re listening to


with myself, Gene Christy, on lead vocal and Roland digital accordion, backed up by the magnificent Eileen Markland, on fiddle,

Have a listen!

Irish Traditional

GENE CHRISTY & THE ROLAND That’s me, Gene Christy!


And don’t forget, people, to go visit the websites, while you’re here, of our friends,

Bobby Sweet at

IMG_3282 Bobby Sweet

Once there, you can learn more about this amazing artist, and I recommend his 2013 album,

Cowboys and Poets

And, of course, Rakish Paddy, at


Tune in next week! Same time, same station!

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